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What If I’m Making A Mistake?

A friend of mine recently reminded me of a comment I made to her this time last year, when she was going through a major life change. She was feeling nervous and anxious, and she asked: “What if I’m making a terrible mistake?” My response to her was: “Then you’ll know”. My friend told me that these words stayed with her throughout the year, and she would remember them whenever she felt confronted by a difficult decision. I think it’s time I took my own advice. I’ve been toying with a number of ideas for bold projects I want to undertake, and each time the thought of “making a terrible mistake” stops me. I’ve got to the point of over-planning paralysis. Isn’t it incredible that we put our dreams on hold for fear of making a mistake? As if a mistake is the worst thing in the world. A mistake – if it even happens at all – is just an indication that we need to adjust our plans...

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How To Get Back On Track

I’ve been in a state of overwhelm lately. I’ve got loads of work on my plate and it’s been a struggle. This week I submitted two reports, and there’s another one coming up on Friday. I shudder every time I think of how much work there is to be done. The timing’s all wrong too. My children start school holidays this week, my youngest is having her birthday party this afternoon, and and and… you get the picture, right? It’s that time of year when many of us are feeling the strain. We’re tired after a busy year, the pressure’s on as everyone is rushing to complete projects before the year-end break, and the demands of the festive season are just ramping up! Is it any wonder that we’re feeling frazzled? I think all I could manage yesterday morning was to grunt at my husband before settling in front of my laptop to meet my deadline. I don’t mind being busy, per se. It’s what I’m busy with that’s...

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What Difference Did I Really Make?

Last Friday I was invited to speak at a library on Cape Town’s False Bay coast. I delivered a talk on my journey from medicine to writing, and I finished off by reading an excerpt from my memoir, Postmortem – The Doctor Who Walked Away. Even after all these years and the dozens of times I have read through the book, I was still left with a huge lump in my throat after reading this scene. Here it is. Grab some tissues… When the man walked into my consulting room I instinctively straightened up. He reminded me of someone‚Äôs uncle; he had that uprightness that marked him as a respected member of the community. I had relatives like him; they were the ones in the family who were called upon to officiate at important gatherings and to represent the family in negotiations and disputes. He looked well with his stocky frame buttoned into a thick trench coat. He took his time settling into the chair next to my desk,...

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