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A Lesson in Visionary Leadership

Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens is one of my favourite places in Cape Town. My family and I have spent countless hours over the years enjoying picnics on the lawns and walking the various paths; and my children love to catch tadpoles in the streams and chase the geese and guinea fowl! I was intrigued when I recently read the story of the founder of the Garden, a botany professor by the name of Harold Pearson. Back in 1903 Prof Pearson believed that Cape Town was in need of a botanical garden and he made it his mission to persuade the powers that be to make it a reality. At the time what is now an established and well-maintained botanical garden was nothing more than a piece of land overgrown with weeds and alien vegetation and home to droves of pigs. Prof Pearson’s vision was realised in 1913 when the Government of the time set aside the Kirstenbosch property for the establishment of a botanical garden and agreed to contribute an...

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“I Don’t Feel Like It”

It’s the constant struggle of my motherhood journey: “Brush your teeth”, “Eat your vegetables”, “Go to bed”, “Do your homework”, I will say to one or both of my daughters, and predictably they will retort, “I don’t feel like it”. As a parent my role is to expect this push-back as a natural part of my children’s growth and development and to firmly encourage them to carry out these activities for their own benefit. If I took to heart every one of their protests their teeth would fall out, they would wear the same clothes day and night, and chaos would be the order of the day in my home. My children – all children, really – often don’t feel like doing the “chores” of daily living and it’s my job as a parent to be there to ensure that they get done. When we grow up and we no longer have our parents or guardians running the show, we loose the outer voices that make us do things...

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