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How to Exceed Your Potential

  Many of us feel that we have a particular mission in life, something we are meant to do which can really make a difference in people’s lives. Unfortunately a lot of us also feel resigned about ever fulfilling this mission. We wonder whether we will ever become all that we feel we can be. I’ve certainly struggled with the challenge of fulfilling my potential. I know that I have valuable gifts, but I often grapple with self-doubt and fear. “What if I’m just fooling myself? Perhaps there’s nothing special about me after all. I don’t want to be found out.” Here’s the thing – I doubt anyone ever gets to their death bed and says: “I’m glad I played small.” I suspect many wish they had taken more chances, dared more, risked themselves. A well-lived life is one where we feel that we are stepping into the role we are here to play and living the life we are destined to live. Anything less than that leaves us...

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Don’t Take It Personally

When my memoir was first published I did what every newbie author does – I rushed to check what others had written about it. That exercise taught me a valuable lesson in humility. The very first media coverage of the book was an extract published in one of the local newspapers. Of course I was excited about the exposure and I went online to check on the responses. There were hundreds of comments and at first I was thrilled. I was especially excited when I read some of the early ones: “Such courage”, “I’m so glad that someone has written a book of this nature”, “Well done!”, and many others which made me feel all puffed up and proud as I read them. And then the vitriol began. Racist, sexist, belittling, venomous… just awful stuff! I couldn’t believe that people could be so nasty to someone they didn’t know. Foolishly, I kept reading, my heart breaking. The vast majority of these comments were written by trolls who didn’t even...

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It’s Not Meant to be Easy

  We live in a world that’s convinced us that life is meant to be easy. Clever marketers tell us that we can: Lose weight without changing our eating or exercise habits Get an MBA in a weekend Pop a pill and be happy Make a vision board and instantly manifest our desires Ah, if only. The truth is, results take work. The old fashioned kind of work that requires focus, dedication and persistence. Obstacles are a natural feature of every path to success. I know in the past I’ve fallen into the trap of viewing challenges as an indication that “something’s wrong. It shouldn’t be this way!” Experience has taught me a very valuable lesson – that all worthwhile accomplishments don’t come easily. It’s in the process of struggle that we grow and learn, and we are shaped into the kinds of people who can truly embody success. Challenges are the dragons along the hero’s journey, and each one we dare to fight and slay moves us closer...

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