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How to be a Real Player

My four-year-old daughter taught me a valuable lesson this past weekend. It was her Advent Festival at school, and each child was required to walk into a spiral, light a candle at the centre of the spiral, and then walk out again and place the candle on a designated spot. The children had been prepared by their teacher in the days prior to the event; they all knew that this would be required of them. But I imagine the enormity of the occasion got to my little girl on the day, because as soon as the first child made his lone journey into the spiral she burst into a flood of tears. She’s the youngest in her kindergarten class, and I guess the prospect of undertaking this journey while being witnessed by her peers, their parents and siblings was too much for her. My heart broke as she clung to one of the teachers as the ceremony proceeded. She was the last to go, and when her turn finally...

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