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This Is Why I Journal (And You Should, Too)

You’ve probably read that successful people keep a daily journal. Maybe you’ve even tried the practice for yourself but stopped because you “ran out of things to write about”. What do those successful people write about? Why do they keep a journal? Keeping a journal has been a life-changing practice for me. My journal is like a trusted confidant, creative muse and wise guide all wrapped up into one! Here are 8 reasons why I journal (and why you should, too): Sanity. Often I journal simply to get the noise in my head out onto the page. I like to think of my morning journaling as sweeping out the inner cobwebs, opening the windows and letting the light in! Clarity. When I’m facing a challenge or dealing with a particular issue, keeping it in my head tends to turn the issue into an untameable monster. By putting it on paper I can start to make sense of it. Centering. There are times when it feels as if life is...

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The Single Biggest Mistake I Made in 2016

I had it all planned out – I would write a weekly blog post, sharing the insights and lessons I’ve learned on my journey to discover who I am, why I’m here and how best I can serve. It started off pretty well. In the first half of the year I stuck to the plan. I had a system going, and I was working it. I even wrote about it to demonstrate how well it was working. And then it started to fall apart. I began to ask myself: What am I doing? Why am I doing it? These are perfectly valid questions to ask. However, they are only valuable if you use the answers to those questions as a guide to make adjustments, and to keep moving forward. I allowed the questions to steer me off track, and I lost the momentum I had built in the first few months of the year. I wrote infrequently and clumsily. Even when I wanted to write, I struggled to find...

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