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How to Create a Breakthrough

You know the drill: you get started on a new project and for a while it goes well. You’re excited and inspired by what you are doing; the ideas are flowing; and you are a bundle of seemingly endless energy. And then it starts to suck. It gets really hard. You wonder whether you’ll ever figure it out. The assumptions that held true at the beginning of the project no longer apply. And you feel well and truly stuck. This is an important point in your project, and you have two choices on how to proceed: You can throw in the towel and wallow in despair. Or you can keep going, even when it feels as if you are wading through treacle. The first option is where people often go. They decide that nothing more can be done, so they slap together whatever they’ve got and label it their final product. Or they give up entirely and start another project, one that looks more promising. What you will discover...

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How to Live the Dream

A lot of people talk about “living the dream” and here’s what I think they mean: “Someday” they will make it. The business will fly; the house will get bought and the car upgraded. There will be first class flights to exotic destinations where they will sip cocktails on the beach while sunning their sculpted bodies. If you are waiting to live your dream someday, I’m afraid I’ve got bad news for you – that day is a long way off and it may never come. For as long as your dream is anchored somewhere in a distant future – a future none of us can be certain of – then you are likely to spend the foreseeable future chasing a wish. Living your dream starts NOW, in every moment. Think about it as stepping into your dream instead of waiting years for it to come true. Before you protest “but I’m still driving a 10-year-old car and I’m barely covering my monthly expenses”, let me explain. What’s your...

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The Power of Your Breath

The other day I had to deliver a talk at a major event. On the morning of the event I woke up feeling terrified. Public speaking still scares me, despite the fact that I do it so often! I do it because I know how valuable it is as a platform for sharing my message and making a difference. That morning the fear was particularly potent! As I lay in bed I was acutely aware of my heart pounding and the thousand knots in my stomach. Then I remembered to breathe. Or more to the point, I remembered how to use breathing to shift how I was feeling. So I got to work. Slowly I started paying attention to my breath. I took slow, deep breaths, ensuring that the duration of the in-breath was the same as the out-breath. I accompanied the breathing with a body scan – moving my attention slowly from one part of my body to the next, starting from the top of my head and ending...

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