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Wisdom Within – You Are Wiser Than you Think!

Do you fear putting yourself out there? Are you uncertain about what you really want? Do you feel confused about why you do what you do? Are you on a path that isn’t your own? If you answered YES to any of these questions, I’ve got news for you: you’re not alone! Far too many people wander through life, uncertain of who they are, what they want or where they are going. Now here’s the really good news: the answers to all your important questions are within reach. All you need is time, attention and the willingness to do the work to uncover them. You have within you a vast source of wisdom waiting for you to tap into it for the answers you’re after. How? By putting pen to paper and reflecting through the practice of journaling. Research has shown that journaling can improve physical health, emotional well-being and work performance. It is the number one personal development practice of successful leaders and CEOs. And, on a personal...

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How to Figure Out What You Really Want

I don’t know what my passion is. I’m interested in so many things, I don’t know which one to choose? I don’t want to make a decision. What if I get it wrong? Do any of these statements sound familiar? If so, I’m guessing you’ve spent years trying this and that, dabbling here and there, chopping and changing. You’ve probably got a whole host of diverse skills and experiences, but they don’t feel as if they amount to much. You just don’t know what you want! If this is you, then I’ve got great news for you. It might not seem so great at first, but trust me it is. Just stay with me and you’ll see what I mean. Here it is: You’re afraid. That’s right. It’s not that you don’t know what you want. You do know; you’re just afraid. Who am I to want that? I’m not qualified. How on earth am I going to pull that off? I don’t have the time/money/connections. We all have...

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Make Your Dreams Come True With Your Personal Theory of Change

Wouldn’t it be great if wishing was enough to make your dreams come true? Unfortunately, wishing only works in fairytales. In real life dreams come true through dedication, discipline and good ol’ fashioned hard work. It’s not just any type of hard work, though. Because you can put a lot of energy into projects that aren’t going to give you the results you’re after, and end up feeling frustrated and disillusioned. How, then, can you turn your dreams into reality? How will you know if your efforts are going to yield the desired results? You need to construct a Theory of Change. Say what? A Theory of Change (ToC) is a tool from the development world which is used to outline how a particular change is expected to happen. The ToC aims to minimise wishing and guessing, thereby increasing the likelihood of achieving the desired outcome. Let’s look at how this would typically happen. Let’s say you are part of a team in a particular agency that’s looking to...

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