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How to Overcome Your Greatest Obstacles

Every story has a hero and a villain. The villain is the one in the way, threatening to disrupt and ultimately destroy the hero’s plans. The villain is cunning and manipulative, and will often use deception to get past the hero’s defenses. It is the persistent hero, who picks herself up after each fall, who ultimately triumphs. We are each the heroes of our own journeys, working hard to achieve our goals and make our dreams come true. However, we are also often our most formidable villains, standing in the way of our own success. What is you inner villain like? Mine is terrified of failure, therefore she pushes herself really hard; checks and double-checks; tends to seek “perfection” and is afraid to try new things… in case she’s not good at them. She’s the one I have to confront when I want to get stuff done. She’ll moan: “Will it work?” “Are you sure?” “Is there more you can do?” “How about an extra hour on preparation?” She...

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10 Life-Changing Quotes on Personal Transformation

Personal transformation is the quest we all embark on as human beings, either willingly when we choose to embrace the journey, or we are dragged kicking and screaming by the circumstances we face. Here are 10 life-changing quotes to to empower and inspire you on your journey: “We are all butterflies. Earth is our chrysalis.” – LeeAnn Taylor The journey of transformation is never ending. We transform and evolve as we open ourselves fully to all that life has to teach us. “To change who you are change who you think you are.” Jonathan Lockwood Huie As human beings we make up stories about who we are and then we defend those stories as if they are the truth! Dare to create a new story for yourself and your life, and live into it with courage. “Expansion of character is connected to expansion of destiny.” – James Tarantin Transformation of our outer world begins with transformation of our inner world. “Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we go,...

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