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The Power of Changing Your Mind

Prof. Tim Noakes has been a leading light in the field of sports science in South Africa and internationally for decades. His work has earned him numerous awards and accolades in the discipline of exercise physiology. Many have turned to his expertise in their efforts to enhance their athletic performance. It therefore came as a shock to many people – including those in the scientific community – when he did an about turn on his earlier views regarding carbo-loading and the value of carbohydrates in health and performance. The knives came out. “Irresponsible”. “Disgrace”. “Charlatan”. Some even accused him of quackery and pseudoscience. All because he changed his mind. I have no opinion either way in the carbohydrate vs. low-carb-high-fat debate. But I can say this: the man is brave! It’s not easy to go against so much of what you previously believed and advocated. It takes courage to change your mind in such a public manner. Do you have fixed beliefs about a particular topic? If new information...

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