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The Real Reason You’re Burnt Out

Burnout has reached pandemic proportions in the world of work. Record numbers of employees, business owners and professionals are succumbing to feelings of exhaustion, anxiety and disillusionment, and countless hours of productivity are lost each year due to illnesses related to burnout. What’s going on? Why has all the progress we’ve made in the way we live and work not translated into less stress and greater well-being? Extensive research has been done into the field of burnout, most notably by Prof Christina Maslach who developed the widely used Maslach Burnout Inventory. The causes, indicators and ameliorators of burnout have been widely studied. Yet, despite all that we know, we are continuing to work ourselves into the ground. My theory is that we are burnt out because we are trying to fill a void. How often have you worked hard towards a goal, achieved it and then wondered what all the fuss was about? Do you ever feel as if you’ve ticked so many of the right boxes, but something...

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5 Fun Ways to Start Playing Big

You’re destined for greatness. You can feel it! But, instead of playing big, all too often you hold yourself back and hide. What’s it going to take for you to start playing big? The experts will tell you that the best way to get good at something is to practise. So, if you want to “get good” at playing big and stepping into your greatness, your best bet is to start practising! The trouble is: where to start? Many people get themselves in a pickle because they try practising when it counts. For example, they’ll psych themselves up for the important company presentation, or puff themselves up before a sales conversation with a prospective client. Of course this is where playing big counts. But it’s not the ideal environment for practising playing being. Wouldn’t it be easier to practise where it doesn’t matter how you do? Aren’t you more likely to build your “big” muscle by starting with the outcomes that make no difference at all? Give yourself a...

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