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Is Your Workplace Burning You Out?

It is no secret that workplace burnout has reached epidemic proportions. Many hard-working professionals experience at least one of the three dimensions of burnout as described by the leading burnout expert, Dr Christina Maslach: Emotional exhaustion. “I can’t do this anymore.” Depersonalisation. “I can’t be bothered.” Decreased sense of personal accomplishment. “What difference do I make anyway?” The result is not only poor performance on the job, but there is also a cost to the organisation through absenteeism, low morale and high staff turnover. However, focusing on employee burnout is only part of the picture. Burnout doesn’t happen in a vacuum; it happens in workplaces that predispose people to burning out. In addition to her extensive work on describing and unpacking the nature of burnout, Maslach has also worked with Dr. Michael P. Leiter to develop a model of the organisational context of burnout. The Areas of Worklife Scale describes six areas of worklife which have a strong relationship with job burnout. These areas of worklife are: Workload. Too...

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