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What It Really Means to Thrive

We all have an intuitive sense of what it means to thrive. But what does it actually mean? For some people it’s about feeling happy and content; for others it means living up to their potential and succeeding at the goals they set themselves. What does it really mean to thrive? Is there a way of defining it so that we have a clear, common understanding of the concept? How do we implement strategies for thriving in work and life if it means different things to different people? Fortunately for us, researchers from the University of Portsmouth in the UK, lead by Dr Daniel Brown, have come up with a definition of what it means to thrive. They tell us that a person who is thriving possesses the following characteristics: Optimism – having a positive outlook on life. Motivation – the inner sense that “I can do it!” Proactivity – seeking out opportunities and new challenges Enjoyment of learning and embracing learning as a life-long journey Flexibility and adaptability...

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