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Power of the Pivot

On 12th October 2019 the world celebrated the remarkable achievement made by Eliud Kipchoge in Vienna, Austria. The Kenyan marathon runner became the first person ever to run a marathon in under 2 hours. Like many people, I was in awe of this historic achievement and I combed the web to find out more about this remarkable man and his achievements. One thing stood out for me above all else: the power of the pivot. Kipchoge began his running career as a track athlete. His most distinguished achievements included winning the 5000 meter bronze and silver medals at the 2004 and 2008 Olympic Games, respectively. Then he hit an obstacle: he failed to qualify for the Kenyan team for the 2012 Olympic Games! That was a decisive moment for Kipchoge, one that would ultimately lead to the historic achievement in Vienna. Instead of continuing as a track athlete, Kipchoge made the decision to rather switch his focus to marathon running. The rest is literally history! Since making that powerful pivot, Kipchoge...

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What If Fear Isn’t Something to “Overcome”?

We’ve all been there. The moment arises when we need to pick up the phone to make an important call/ stand up in front of our peers to deliver a presentation/ pitch an idea to key decision makers… and we freeze. Fear has come to pay us a visit! The logical reaction is to try to do something to overcome the fear so that it goes away. After all, who wants to wallow in the discomfort that comes with fear? Here’s the thing: if you try to push it down, ignore it or “overcome” it in some way, you’ll be spending an enormous amount of energy which could be put to more productive use. Plus, you’re unlikely to keep it down for very long. So here’s what to do instead: Acknowledge it. “I feel scared”. “I’m afraid I’ll fail”. “I’m scared they’ll laugh at me”. Feel the fear. This isn’t some glib motivational statement; I really mean “feel the fear”. Notice where in your body the fear is showing up....

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