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Posted by on April 25, 2018 | 1 comment

3 Unexpected Ways for Busy Professionals to Recharge


By now many of us are aware of the importance of self-care for both our performance and well-being. However, we also know that self-care is often easier said than done! Time is a precious resource; much of our daily allocation of it is devoted to the many demands that are placed on us at work and at home. How, then, are we supposed to find the time to relax and recharge?

I have good news for you. You don’t have to conjure up extra hours from thin air (if only we could!). You already have time to recharge. It’s all a matter of the way you use the hours in your day. Here are three unexpected ways to recharge that fit right into your busy day:

In the traffic

Wait! Before you yell “Are you crazy?!”, hear me out. It’s dangerous – and illegal – to do anything in traffic that’s going to distract you from driving. That means that, without calls to make or emails to respond to, your time in traffic is ripe for taking a break from it all and just being.

Too often we spend driving time thinking about where we’ve been or where we are going. The truth is, thinking about all the things waiting for you when you get to work or back home isn’t going to get them done right then. So sit back and relax…

  • Turn off the radio; you don’t need to listen to the news on repeat. All the things that are wrong with the world will still be there when you arrive at your destination.
  • Instead, listen to an uplifting audiobook, stimulating podcast or some soothing music. You can even simply luxuriate in the silence!

On long-haul flights

Long-distance travel is like an extended traffic jam. Meditate; journal; watch movies; take a nap… the possibilities are endless (not quite, but you get my drift). Use the extended travel time – where you can’t be contacted and where there’s very little you can do about all the fires that are raging in your normal life – to take stock and fuel up. You’ll feel great when you land!

Out shopping

I’ll be honest – I don’t love shopping. Windowless malls feel claustrophobic and I really don’t relish the experience of trying on clothes in mirrored changing rooms!

So why am I suggesting recharging at the shops? Because there are some shopping experiences that can be pleasant.

  • Steer clear of shopping malls.
  • Seek out the creative “arty” districts of your city, where you can loose yourself browsing in the antique shops, art galleries and interior shops.
  • Remember: the idea is to browse, not to buy. You don’t want to come back from your shopping trip freaked out that you spent money on pretty things you don’t need!

The demands we face at work and at home take a lot from us. We can each play a part in recharging our energy tanks, even in the midst of our busy schedules. I’ve given you three ideas to play with; start there.


1 Comment

  1. Great points. I like how you suggest creating pockets of rest, relaxation and recuperation in any given, unexpected moment in the hum-drum of life.

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