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motivational speaker-coach

Dr Maria Phalime is an inspirational speaker, life coach, award-winning author and medical doctor. She specialises in helping high-achieving professionals to get more out of themselves and their lives.

Maria has never been one to allow convention to limit her horizons. She grew up in a working class family, and dreamed of becoming a doctor. She graduated from the University of Cape Town (Bachelor of Science, 1993; Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery, 1999) and worked as a junior doctor in South Africa and the UK.

In 2004 Maria chose to leave the beleaguered public health system. She wrote about her journey in her award-winning memoir titled Postmortem – The Doctor Who Walked Away. Her TEDx talk has served as inspiration for doctors and other healthcare professionals all over the world.

Ongoing growth and development are key features of Maria’s journey. The principles she lives by are:

  • We all have it in us to be great. The trick is to get out of our own way.
  • There is no failure; only opportunities to learn, grow and do better next time.
  • Creative solutions are always available to us when we lean into the challenges we face.
  • We live in a benevolent Universe. Everything that happens to us actually happens for us.

As a life coach Maria incorporates these principles into her work, and empowers her clients to challenge the limits of their potential. She also trains emerging leaders through the leadership development programmes she leads at the University of Cape Town.

Contact Maria to find out how she can help you unleash your potential.