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Posted by on September 29, 2016 | 0 comments

You Are The Author of Your Life Story


When I first decided I wanted to write, my first project was a novel. I wrote a quirky story about a somewhat unbalanced woman who was so desperate to get pregnant that she would stop at nothing to make it happen.

I loved writing that novel and exercising my creative muscle, and when I submitted the manuscript to editors I fully expected a glowing assessment from them.

Not so. The feedback was more like: “the writing has potential, but the story could do with a lot more work.” The editor even suggested I make the main character go completely off the rails and get herself into outrageous amounts of trouble.

At first I thought, “She can’t do that!” And then I had a revelation: I could make her do whatever I wanted her to do! This was my story, and how far I wanted it to go was limited entirely by what my imagination would allow.

The same principle applies in real life. As children we were taught what’s right and wrong, what’s acceptable and not, and we were trained to behave in a particular way through punishment or reward. The school uniforms and rules of our childhood were replaced by professional attires and codes of conduct in adulthood, all intended to elicit certain behaviours from us and to discourage others.

How many times have you had a conversation with someone who was in an unpleasant situation and their response to your suggestions on how they could free themselves was “I can’t”. How often have you wanted to do something and then stopped because “what will people think”?

Your life is yours to do whatever you wish with. As an adult you get to write the years of your life, and the only limits are those you place on your imagination.

It’s a challenging concept to come to terms with, I know. I have also been conditioned to think that my life has to look a certain way and that I have to play a particular role in a predetermined manner. My work is to constantly remind myself that I am the author of my life; I hold the pen and I determine how I live, love, work and play.

  • Do you feel as if you are living according to a script you didn’t write?
  • What are the rules you live by? How many of those are yours or somebody else’s?
  • What’s stopping you from writing your own rules?
  • If you allowed your imagination free reign, how would you live, love, work and play?

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