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Fail Like You Mean It

What am I doing telling you to fail? Well, there’s meaning in my madness. This is what I mean when I encourage you to fail like you mean it: Dare. Many people have lofty dreams but never get round to giving them a go. They are afraid to fail; some even fear success because of the added responsibility it might entail. Nothing will happen if you don’t dare; neither failure nor success. Is that really what you want? Take action. Nothing demonstrates commitment like action. Too often people take only tentative steps in the direction of their dreams; they hold back “in case”. Nothing changes without action. Jump in and do what it takes to turn your dream into reality. Half-hearted measures yield half-baked results. Believe in yourself. There are no guarantees. You could put in massive action and still find that you don’t succeed. Believing in yourself will keep you going even when the going gets tough. Get back up. You will fail at something at some point in...

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Change Your Story, Change Your Life

  The other day a member of the audience came to me after I had delivered a talk and she said: “Wow, your story is so powerful!” I thanked her, and I also shared with her that I had chosen to tell a powerful story of my life. Here’s what I mean: I qualified as a medical doctor but found that I struggled to find meaning in what I was doing when I was working in the public health system. I then took the decision to leave the profession and I’ve since reinvented myself as an author, speaker and coach. Those are the facts of the events that happened. Now for the story. The initial story I created out of those facts was: “I have failed. I’ve let people down. I’ve let myself down.” This was a story of guilt, shame and disappointment. This was certainly not a powerful story. Here’s the story I now tell: “As a little girl I had big dreams of changing the world. I became a...

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No One Said It Would Be Easy

I’ve come to realise that life isn’t easy. I say it’s a realisation because I think, like many people, I thought that if I did the right things – worked hard, paid my taxes, obeyed the law – that I could dodge the tragedies and disappointments that life dishes up from time to time. But I haven’t managed to dodge challenges, and neither will you. Sh*t happens. That’s just how life rolls. What matters is who you are going to be about it. Will you allow every disappointment to mean that what you do makes no difference? Will you focus on the petty details or the bigger picture? Will you do what you can to the best of your ability and leave others to do their bit? Will you treat each day as a gift? Because it is. No one said this life business was going to be easy. Your job is to face each challenge as it comes, to celebrate the successes and to learn from the failures....

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The Gift of Failure

  Failure is an F-word, so we prefer not to talk about it much. And on the rare occasions when we do discuss it we do so in hushed tones and burden it with all sorts of negative connotations. But what if failure is a gift? Here’s how failing to get my first novel published was a tremendously valuable gift to me: Remember: Failure is an opportunity to learn, grow and do better next time. In the process of reaching for your dreams you will gain skills, contacts and experience, irrespective of the outcome. Failing also teaches you what you are capable of overcoming. Dare to fail! Share...

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How to Make Your Dreams Come True

Ask a group of people how they would go about making their dreams come true, and you will get a jumble of um’s, don’t-know’s and semi-coherent sentences. Ask that same group what they would do if success was guaranteed, and you will get a different set of responses altogether, most likely bold ideas, daring moves and perhaps even quirky suggestions. So the difference, then, is not so much that people don’t know HOW to accomplish their goals, it’s that they fear failing in the process. You have a choice about where to focus your attention – on your fears or on the achievement of your goals. You are never guaranteed success – life simply doesn’t work that way. But by daring you may just make your dreams come true, whereas you will get nowhere if you let the fear of failure stop you from even trying. That’s guaranteed. Share...

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The Best Training Ground for Success

I love a success story. There’s something very alluring about reading or hearing about a person who has been through tough times and has not only lived to tell the tale, but also grown and thrived from the experience. These stories inspire me in my own life; they keep me going and challenge me to be the best that I can be. But I also love a human story. One in which the hero isn’t perfect; where she struggles with self-doubt and the fear of not being enough; and one in which she wonders whether she’ll ever truly “make it”. I suspect all success stories have a heavy dose of the human element in them – the failures, disappointments, challenges and inner demons. In fact, I believe our human failings are the training ground for our successes. Failure gets a bad rap in our society because we are conditioned to believe that we must always be winning. Nobody wants to be a loser, right? But I think that our...

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