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Make Your Dreams Come True With Your Personal Theory of Change

Wouldn’t it be great if wishing was enough to make your dreams come true? Unfortunately, wishing only works in fairytales. In real life dreams come true through dedication, discipline and good ol’ fashioned hard work. It’s not just any type of hard work, though. Because you can put a lot of energy into projects that aren’t going to give you the results you’re after, and end up feeling frustrated and disillusioned. How, then, can you turn your dreams into reality? How will you know if your efforts are going to yield the desired results? You need to construct a Theory of Change. Say what? A Theory of Change (ToC) is a tool from the development world which is used to outline how a particular change is expected to happen. The ToC aims to minimise wishing and guessing, thereby increasing the likelihood of achieving the desired outcome. Let’s look at how this would typically happen. Let’s say you are part of a team in a particular agency that’s looking to...

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Your A to Z Survival Guide for a Topsy-Turvy 2017

We’re one month in and 2017 is already proving to be an eventful year! What will happen over the coming months is anybody’s guess. How do you stay sane in all this turmoil? Here’s your A to Z survival guide to see you through what’s threatening to be a tumultuous year. A. Authenticity. Be you. B. Books. Reading educates, inspires, comforts, enthralls and entertains. You can’t go wrong with a cup of tea and a good book. C. Clarity. Confusion is the order of the day, what with fake news and alternative facts. Be clear on what’s important to you and let that guide you on your journey. D. Decisions. Over-thinking breeds anxiety. Get good at making decisions. You will either succeed or you will learn. E. Educate yourself. Now more than ever we need to learn how to navigate a complex world where not much is as it seems. F. Forgiveness. Forgive yourself and others. Life’s too short to bear a grudge or live with regret. G. Gratitude....

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4 Life-Changing Habits to Cultivate

Right now motivation levels are high for many people. Resolutions have been made; gym memberships have been renewed; and “new year, new me” affirmations are plastered all over the walls. It’s that time of year when the months ahead hold the promise of targets met and dreams fulfilled. If you have big dreams for yourself for this year, you cannot depend on feeling “psyched” to keep you moving forward. Sooner or later motivation wanes, and the best way to ensure that your dreams don’t fade with it is by having powerful habits. Here are 4 life-changing habits to cultivate this year: Intention Many people live life on auto-pilot. Things “happen to” them and they “fall into” situations. Circumstances dictate the course of their lives, and they feel powerless to make the changes they desire. Cultivating the habit of intention is about taking responsibility for your life and the direction you would like it to take. And it starts with knowing what you want. Make time every day to focus...

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This Is Why I Journal (And You Should, Too)

You’ve probably read that successful people keep a daily journal. Maybe you’ve even tried the practice for yourself but stopped because you “ran out of things to write about”. What do those successful people write about? Why do they keep a journal? Keeping a journal has been a life-changing practice for me. My journal is like a trusted confidant, creative muse and wise guide all wrapped up into one! Here are 8 reasons why I journal (and why you should, too): Sanity. Often I journal simply to get the noise in my head out onto the page. I like to think of my morning journaling as sweeping out the inner cobwebs, opening the windows and letting the light in! Clarity. When I’m facing a challenge or dealing with a particular issue, keeping it in my head tends to turn the issue into an untameable monster. By putting it on paper I can start to make sense of it. Centering. There are times when it feels as if life is...

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7 Journal Prompts to Get You Unstuck

When people first learn about the practice of journaling they are often intrigued and keen to try it. However, their enthusiasm soon wanes as they feel they “don’t know what to write about”. Journaling is a powerful practice for personal and professional development, and it would be a pity to miss out on the benefits of this practice simply because you feel stuck. What often helps in these situations is a journaling prompt – a question or statement that’s designed to get your journaling juices flowing. Here are 7 powerful prompts to get your journaling practice unstuck this week: Day 1. Complete the following sentence: “My intention for today is….”. This needs to be a single thing you intend to achieve or do that day. Get really detailed about it and immerse yourself fully in the intention. This can be quite challenging because we are so used to writing long “to-do” lists. You are more likely to achieve one thing that you deeply commit to than 10 things you...

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How to Get Over Your Fear of Public Speaking

One of the best TED talks I’ve ever seen is by the magician and stuntman, David Blaine. In it Blaine talks about his quest to hold his breath for a record-breaking 17 minutes! Technically, the talk isn’t great. Blaine breaks just about every public speaking rule there is: his voice is monotonous; he reads a large chuck of his speech; there are more than a few um’s and ah’s throughout the talk; and he even slurps water noisily (twice!) during the talk. However, it’s impossible to watch the talk and not love it. It is riveting! And it is so because David Blaine clearly loves his work and he challenges himself to be the best at what he does. I believe we are all put on this planet for a reason. Some people are here to speak publicly, and for them it is important that they hone their technique and master their craft. For the rest of us who aren’t born to speak but for whom speaking is an...

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