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Posted by on May 4, 2017 | 0 comments

Dare to Dream Again


What do you do when life knocks you down? Get up, dust yourself off. And dream again.

What if you are left feeling battered and bruised? Lick your wounds clean so they can heal. Then dream again.

What about when all hope seems gone? Reach out to someone you love and ask them to help you to dream again.

What about if you feel all alone in the world? You remember that none of us are ever alone.

What happens when you feel lost, with no way of knowing which way to turn? You dream again of the place you want to be, and you take the first step in faith.

What if every dream you’ve ever had is lying in pieces all around you? You raise your chin, look straight ahead, and you dare to dream again.

What do you do when the walls won’t come down and the doors refuse to open? You stop banging, take a step back, and dream anew.

What about all the evil in the world? How do you not fall into despair? You dare to dream of a new world where our common humanity outweighs all that divides us.

What about when you feel insecure, not good enough? You dream again, and you remember the person you wish to become.

What if your dream seems far away and you are growing weary of the grind? You keep taking action, every single day, and you dream again. 

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