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Posted by on May 11, 2016 | 2 comments

The Gift of Failure


Failure is an F-word, so we prefer not to talk about it much. And on the rare occasions when we do discuss it we do so in hushed tones and burden it with all sorts of negative connotations.

But what if failure is a gift?

Here’s how failing to get my first novel published was a tremendously valuable gift to me:


  • Failure is an opportunity to learn, grow and do better next time.
  • In the process of reaching for your dreams you will gain skills, contacts and experience, irrespective of the outcome.
  • Failing also teaches you what you are capable of overcoming.

Dare to fail!

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  1. Thanks Maria! This was spot on for me today 🙂

    I like the concept of failing often and failing “up” — so that in all your activity you are actually moving towards success.

    It takes stamina some days 😮

    • Indeed, it does take stamina! And a constant reminder that you’re not actually failing. X

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