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Posted by on February 2, 2018 | 3 comments

5 Fun Ways to Start Playing Big


You’re destined for greatness. You can feel it! But, instead of playing big, all too often you hold yourself back and hide.

What’s it going to take for you to start playing big?

The experts will tell you that the best way to get good at something is to practise. So, if you want to “get good” at playing big and stepping into your greatness, your best bet is to start practising!

The trouble is: where to start? Many people get themselves in a pickle because they try practising when it counts. For example, they’ll psych themselves up for the important company presentation, or puff themselves up before a sales conversation with a prospective client. Of course this is where playing big counts. But it’s not the ideal environment for practising playing being.

Wouldn’t it be easier to practise where it doesn’t matter how you do? Aren’t you more likely to build your “big” muscle by starting with the outcomes that make no difference at all?

Give yourself a chance. Here are 5 fun ways to practise expanding your comfort zone and playing big:

1. Say YES for a day. 

Did you ever see the movie starring Jim Carrey titled Yes Man? In it Carrey’s character’s life is transformed from humdrum mediocrity to fun and adventure when he starts saying YES to anything and everything. Of course, in true Jim Carrey style, things go a little pear shaped at times. But a lot also goes spectacularly well!

My point is this: saying YES to life opens up your world, often in ways you can’t imagine.

Say YES to the requests, challenges and opportunities that present themselves, and you might glimpse just how big your life can be.

2. Pretend you’re someone else.

We often shackle ourselves into particular roles and ways of being. What would it be like if you weren’t you? How would things be different if you were the person you aspire to be?

The next time you meet a new person or you find yourself in a foreign city, why not play with taking on being big? That’s the first impression you’ll be creating, and that’s who they’ll assume you are.

3. Make an unreasonable request

People who play big in the world assume that life works in their favour. You can do the same.

Try this: go into a coffee shop and ask for a free coffee. Firstly, you’ll be stretching the boundaries of what is considered “acceptable behaviour”. Secondly, you’ll be putting yourself in a position where you might get a resounding NO, or even be asked to leave the premises! After all, playing big comes with big YES’s and big NO’s.

Sure, it’s scary. But imagine how you’ll feel if they say YES!

4. Host a 2025 party.

Invite a few of your trusted – and adventurous – friends over for a dinner party “with a difference”. Ask everyone to come as their 2025 self, the person they aspire to be come the year 2025. For the duration of the party everyone must stay in character.

Have fun with it!

5. Reach out.

Playing big involves showing up and engaging with life, instead of hiding away in your small corner. So, start reaching out to people, especially people you wouldn’t ordinarily speak to.

Start conversations with the person next to you in the queue. Chat with the person at the till at your local grocery store. Smile at strangers. Reaching out to people beyond your usual suspects of friends and associates will open your world to perspectives and experiences that are different to your own.

Who knows how any of this will turn out? Play the game for its own sake. Remember, you’re not aiming for a particular outcome. You’re just practicing playing big.


  1. Fantastic ideas!

  2. Thank you. This will strengthen my resolve

    • Great! I wish you every success. X

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